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Playing Minecraft for Free Online

If you love the game called Minecraft, there are ways now to play Minecraft for free online. The sandbox indie game became very popular in the last years and the number of players is huge. The main idea of the game is building constructions from textured cubes in a 3D world. You can explore, collect resources, craft and fight.

In the commercial version of the game, there are two play modes: survival and creative. In the first mode, feeding and maintaining health are the things players must do. In the second mode, you have an unlimited number of supplies, you don’t have to keep you health or feed, but you can fly. In other versions, there is a third gameplay mode, called hardcore, which is similar to the first one, but there is one thing different: the difficulty. In the third mode, the difficulty is on hardest and there is no respawning. After players die, they are forced to delete their worlds.

Minecraft is an innovative and original game. The setting is an open world, with no fixed goals for the player, giving you a lot of freedom. The player can be motivated by the existence of an achievement system. You choose what to do in the game, but mainly you have to place blocks. By default, you play in first person, but you can also switch to third person mode.

The whole game world is made of rough cubes, arranged in a fixed grid and having different textures: stone, dirt, different ores, tree trunks and water. You can place objects in any area but relative to the grid. In this way, you can build various constructions. Once you begin to play, you can move across an infinite area, consisting of mountains, forests, plains, water bodies and caves. No matter if you play the commercial version or you choose to play Minecraft for free online, you can have a lot of excitement.

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League of Legends

As of July 2013, Riot Games had been able to register more than 70 million gamer within the multiplayer universe of their most popular battle arena game online, including 30 million people that continuously play month after month.  Yes, the League of Legends has been able to impress even the most skeptical of gamers and critics since it was first released back in 2009 in ways that many people simply did not think was ever possible.  Where and how did this all begin?  What was the formula of success that was used by Riot Games in order to make sure that League of Legends succeeded where so many other multiplayer games that have been released within the same genre have failed?

The Foundation of Riot Games

From the surface, it may seem that the two gentlemen that run Riot Games as CEO and President are strictly business and do not know much about the video gaming industry from a gamer’s perspective.  A quick glance at their biographies will prove otherwise, however, and clearly show you just how wrong you are. Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, President and CEO respectively, are legitimate die-hard gamers that worked together to build a company that had a solid foundation of showing the world a new version of an old genre.

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) industry seemed to be already overly saturated with titles such as WarCraft and StarCraft, so they wanted League of Legends to stand out as some fresh and original – providing a completely new experience when it came to intellectual property, gameplay, online community and e-Sports in general.  They did just that, but what allowed them to break through the barrier was the fact that this game was absolutely free.

A Valuable Gaming Experience

Once upon a time, the simple fact that you offered a game for free was good enough to draw a large crowd of gamers and interested consumes.  However, since there are more than enough free games and applications available online today, it is rather difficult to separate one game from all of the others.  The development team at Riot Games knew that League of Legends would have to stand out by providing a valuable gaming experience to every single player, captivating their attention from the very beginning and never letting it go.

A Worthwhile Investment for Businesses

After word started getting around about how successful it had become in general, more and more businesses wanted to place their stake within the world of League of Legends.  Riot Games even invested millions into the electronic sports in general in order to transform this game into an international phenomenon, propelling this title into the stratosphere of online gaming with massive quantities of live streams.  The Championship Series of this game has been able to make it into its third year, providing fans with a great way to connect and experience the game in brand new ways seemingly with each new log-in.

Even with all of the brand new titles coming into the picture to compete, the League of Legends has already set the stage to maintain the #1 spot for much longer than you might think.

Agents Of League kindly provided this post for MMOwnage. Thank you.

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Understanding the Black Ops Two Score Streaks

Score streaks have replaced the kill streaks in black Ops Two multi-player. The score streaks are earned by assisting teammates, killing enemies, and completing different tasks. For instance an ordinary kill earns you 100 points, flag capturing gives you Two00 points, and you also earn points when your teammates kill enemies whilst your UAV is active. The UAV can be called in at 350 points. However, 1600 points are needed to call a powerful VTOL warship. The player can also equip three score streaks at most at the same time.

A player’sscore streakresets to zero upon death. The equipped score streak rewards in Black Ops Two can be earned several times in one life. However, they have to be applied before the score streak loops around for a succeeding time. Every score streak reward is wasted with a similar reward again. Understanding several aspects of the Black Ops Two score streaks game can help you in playing at ease.

The enemy can shoot down the UAV that shows adversaries on the radar as red dots within 30 seconds. The RC-XD allows the player to remote control a car packed with explosives. This device can be detonated at will and the enemies can likewise destroy it through shooting. The hunter killer sends a drone that finds out and tries to kill the nearest vehicle or enemy player. The Care Package is similar in all Call of Duty games: it gives you a random score streak and can be hacked by the opponent team. These are just some of the weapons that are applicable in the Black Ops Two score streaks game.

There are some key facts you should master before and when playing the game. First, to avoid early termination, you must know where your enemy is located, and the direction they are moving. This calls for a deeper study of your maps in an effort to understand the movement pattern of the enemies. Knowing where your opponents are heading is an ultimate advantage because you can use such knowledge to launch an attack from an angle of your choice.

Next, when beginning the match, always deploy the war equipment that gives you many points. You will find out that successful application of every equipment earns you different points. Thus, it is crucial to take your time and study the war equipment. However, you should understand that not every weapon can be used everywhere. For instance, the swarm weapon calls on the hunter killer drones that look for and obliterate enemies on the map while an EMP system temporally destroys enemy electronics. You cannot apply a weapon where it cannot work.

The game is normally challenging especially for beginners especially when they do not know where to start the game. The first thing a player should learn in the game is self-defense and avoiding attacks. The screening weapon will come in handy during such times. You do not start the war without first studying your enemies. Compared to other versions of Black Ops Two, the score streaks version has a more advanced weaponry and mode of playing.

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Solving Lag Compensation in Black Ops Two

When playing an online game against others, one person’s Internet connection speed could be slower than that of the others. Defined as lagging, the speed of the server could be running more quickly than the speed of the connection to the user, which could cause an unfair advantage for people with higher connection speeds. In order to try and create a solution for this problem, Call of Duty’s Black Ops Two has implemented a system of lag compensation.
For those of you who do not yet know what that is, it basically allows the server to look back in time to the moment when the player set a command, and calculating the person’s connection speed, decide what the player saw at the time the command was made.
Although thibeneficial in theory, many users with higher speed Internet do not like the feature, as creates a sort of artificial lag for faster connections in order to match those with lower connections. Since this can be frustrating, people often search for ways to “fix” the lag compensation. If you are shooting people on the game and they are not dying as quickly as you think they are, it may have something to do with their Internet connection.
What you need to do is first open up the “Find Match” screen. Once you have done this, make sure that the connection type is set to “Best.” It might take a few extra seconds to load, but this option provides the highest quality gaming experience with others who have four bar connection speeds. The “Normal” mode is the default, and recommended in general as it gets users into the game quickly. Do not pick “Any” unless you yourself have a dial-up or DSL connection, as you will definitely find yourself with other players that have low connection speeds.

Another potential way to solve the issue is to directly connect your modem to your gaming system. Try bypassing the router completely and see if the lag compensation is any better for you. Because routers have a tendency to overload rather quickly, especially during gaming, and they cannot handle the data very well. This is called buffer bloating, and by bypassing the router completely, users can solve their lag compensation problem. Although this is not an ideal solution, especially if you live in a family where someone else may want to use the Internet as well, it can help for some people.
Other people have come up with various less practical remedies to fix their lag compensation issue. For example, some recommend to upload large, private videos to YouTube in order to slow a fast Internet connection and thus not be negatively affected.
While these methods do not get rid of lag compensation, they can help to ensure a better gaming quality for people. Some of them may seem a bit more extreme than others, but you can use whatever works for you. There is no surefire way to rid yourself of this system completely, as it is built into the game, but you could try to improve the issue.

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